27th February 2020

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ETH Mining Rig Expert v2 380MH (12 GPU)

$59,500.00 $37,000.00

Hash Rade: 380MH/s (±10%)

The above product can only be ordered and delivered within Hong Kong, sorry for any inconvenience.


ETH Mining Rig Expert v2 380MH (12 GPU)

  • All Hardware, software, GPU and BIOS has been set up;
  • Hash Rate:380MH/s  (±10%)
  • Maximized the efficiency of all components, auto mining when you turn it on.
  • All rigs are tested 24 hours before delivery to ensure the stability.
  • All components are warranty by the Manufacturers.


  • Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard
  • Intel© G4400 Dual-core
  • AMD RX580 GPU x12
  • Sandisk 120G SSD
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 10 powerful cooling fan
  • PCI-E Riser x 12
  • Mining Rig Case
  • 1600W PSU x2

Operation System

  • Windows 10 Claymore
  • Linux EthOS

Power Consumption

  • 2000W

Evaluation (for reference only)

ETH Price : 0.00 USD / 0.00 HKD
The maximum number of ETH per month:0.96
The monthly maximum income is up to: 0.00 USD / 0.00 HKD
The corresponding difficulty of the return increases and decreases, and the investment risk needs to be understood by the customers themselves


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