2nd December 2022

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Over the Counter

To eliminate the distrust between buyer and seller, and facilitate the cryptocurrency trading, Easyhashing has invited an accounting firm as an independent third-party to oversee the trading process.

100% Reliable

100% Trustworthy

1.5-3% Discount Rate

Trading Procedure

Step 1

Buyer shows fund proof to accounting firm, and seller shows the wallet coin proof to accounting firm
(Buyer and seller need to use blockchain wallet)

Step 2

Buyer transfer coins amount money to accounting firm account

Step 3

Buyer and seller meet at accounting firm

Step 4

Seller transfers the coin to buyer and accounting firm transfers money to buyer

* The trading can be conducted batch by batch. For details, please contact us.


Starting from buying and selling miners, Easyhashing has been in touch with different people who are interested in cryptocurrency, and a few of them want to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Seeing this demand, Easyhashing has invited an accounting firm to serve as an independent third party to facilitate the trading process.



Bitmain D7 (1157G)        HK$85000
Bitmain D7 (1286G)        HK$105000
Bitmain S19 (95t)         HK$88000
Bitmain S19jPro(104t)     HK$93000
Innosilicon A11pro (1500) HK$190000
WhatsMiner M30S (88t)     HK$59000
AvalonMiner A1166 (81t)   HK$59000
AvalonMiner A1126 Pro(60t)HK$37000
AvalonMiner 1246     (83t)HK$68000
WhatsApp: +852 5998 3257
+852 5998 3257