2nd December 2022

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No need to register nor go through tons of information. We have prepared the user-friendly service for you to do an instant coin swaps. With our platform you can easily exchange your coin to a variety of other coins, so that you will have wider choice of mining and trading.

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Bitmain D7 (1157G)        HK$85000
Bitmain D7 (1286G)        HK$105000
Bitmain S19 (95t)         HK$88000
Bitmain S19jPro(104t)     HK$93000
Innosilicon A11pro (1500) HK$190000
WhatsMiner M30S (88t)     HK$59000
AvalonMiner A1166 (81t)   HK$59000
AvalonMiner A1126 Pro(60t)HK$37000
AvalonMiner 1246     (83t)HK$68000
WhatsApp: +852 5998 3257
+852 5998 3257