8th February 2023

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Cryptocurrency Miners

No need to search and install the parts by yourself. We have prepared the most efficient mining rigs for you.

Mining Rigs Hosting Service

No need to bear the terrible heat and noise generated by the mining rigs. Let us run your most efficient mining rigs for you.

Cash & Coin Exchange

No registration needed, simple steps, you can buy or sell BTC/ETH using cash, you can also exchange different types of coin into BTC/ETH.

Keep close with the ETH / BTC and other cryptocurrencies index

ETH / BTC and other cryptocurrencies news and knowledge

The price and technology of cryptocurrencies like ETH and Bitcoin changes every day. There are more than 1200 cryptocurrencies currently. Want to learn more about cryptocurrency? We will share the news and information here.

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Bitmain D7 (1157G)        HK$85000
Bitmain D7 (1286G)        HK$105000
Bitmain S19 (95t)         HK$88000
Bitmain S19jPro(104t)     HK$93000
Innosilicon A11pro (1500) HK$190000
WhatsMiner M30S (88t)     HK$59000
AvalonMiner A1166 (81t)   HK$59000
AvalonMiner A1126 Pro(60t)HK$37000
AvalonMiner 1246     (83t)HK$68000
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+852 5998 3257